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    Here’s how California is scrambling to respond

    This explainer will walk you through California’s response — good, bad and ugly — to unemployment in the coronavirus recession.

    Jul 31, 2023 Lauren Hepler & Stephen Council


    To analyze something in detail by breaking it down into its constituent parts

    You’ve probably heard a professor or other erudite colleague suggest “unpacking” something, though they probably don’t mean unzipping a suitcase.

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    The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating both stubborn challenges and surprising opportunities for the construction industry. 

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    The pandemic is creating sidewalk accessibility and other challenges for some people with disabilities

    Sacramento’s Farm to Fork Al Fresco program has helped restaurants at a historically tough time, but it’s also created some disability access issues.

    Jul 24, 2023 Graham Womack

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    Boards for Change art gallery helps fill empty Papa Murphy’s Park as Sacramento Republic FC season resumes

    Sacramento Republic FC’s coronavirus-suspended 2023 season has resumed with no fans allowed, but that doesn’t mean the usually packed Papa Murphy’s Park is empty.

    Jul 23, 2023 Steve Martarano

    Coronavirus Replay

    After canceling spring sports, the NCAA extends eligibility to student athletes to play for another season

    The NCAA voted on March 30 to allow schools to provide spring-sport student athletes with an additional season.

    Jul 23, 2023 Laurie Lauletta-Boshart

    From Internet Rights to Streeteries, How the Pandemic Is Changing Working From Home

    The coronavirus has reshaped how Californians live, learn and work in uneven ways. Here’s five takeaways on the future of working from home.

    Jul 22, 2023 Elizabeth Castillo


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    There are more than 3,000 influencers in Sacramento. To succeed, they need to build an audience, establish a brand and create compelling content.

    Jul 22, 2023 Vanessa Labi

    Fields of Gold

    The Sacramento Valley’s climate is ripe for producing quality olive oil

    Olive farmers in California are determined to become known as producers of high-quality olive oil, and much of that olive oil is being produced in the Mediterranean climate of the Sacramento Valley.

    Jul 21, 2023 Judy Farah

    Power of Politics

    California Center for Civic Participation Executive Director Belen Flores on educating young people about civics

    Comstock’s spoke with Belen Flores about how her organization has adapted in recent months and why its mission remains important.

    Jul 20, 2023 Sena Christian
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